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BNI Inks has developed products that stand upto international standards, are environmental friendly, helps in efficient productivity and are very competitive at prices. Our globally situated R&D operations helps us to stay a step ahead, design products of exceptional quality and to cater your tailor made needs which makes us unique. We believe in quality.


BNI Inks is a leading manufacturer of specialty inks for textile printing industry. We have the global acknowledgement of the needs and difficulties faced by textile printing industry enabling us to serve our customers adequately and efficiently

We supply custom made products according to the requirements of our customers & We also supply high quality inks to leading and well known brands, in fashion apparel and sportswear industry.

Market researches

BNI INKS Provide Market researches With the help of our customers.

Management consulting

BNI INKS Provide Management consulting Bni always try and keep his.

Customer support

BNI INKS Provide Customer support Contact our technical team.

Bni Inks is popular for its unmatched quality and commitments to their valuable customers.




  •     Internatioanl Textile Asia 2016 (Karachi, Pakistan)
  •     ITMA 2015 (Milan, Italy )
  •     Internatioanl Textile Asia 2015 (Karachi, Pakistan)
  •     Internatioanl Textile & Germent Machinery Show 2014 (Dahka, Bangladesh)
  •     FESPA Digital 2014 (Munich, Germany)
  •     ITL 2012 (Karachi, Pakistan)
  •     Internatioanl Textile & Germent Machinery Show 2011 (Dahka, Bangladesh)


New Developments          

Irfan Zaidi (CEO & Director Operations)          

Our new developments includes some high quality Water Based Inks which are specially designed for fine meshes, with hot wash stability, good covering ability & without any problem of screen clogging.

  •     PET Film
  •     PU Disspersions
  •     Cotton Sublimation Adhesive
  •     4 Process Colors Discharge
  •     4 Process Colors with Transparent Base

New Development                  

(CEO) Idrees Zaidi
(Partner) Luis Uribe                 

We are glad to announce that BNI Inks and Total Ink Solutions have gladly joined hands in order to serve and cater the global market with superior quality product, better services and logistics.
Both companies share their knowledge, experience and technology to produce the best quality products and stay competitive in prices.


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